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When Little’s Means A Lot…

Founded in 1980’s, Little’s has garnered great trust amongst Indian mothers over the last three decades. Today, Little’s is one with offerings for every life stage of a child from 0 to 4 years of age. Our extensive range of products include.

  • Feeding Accessories
  • Sippers
  • Skin Care
  • Footwear
  • Giftsets
  • Toys
  • Baby Accessories: Feeding, Grooming, Travel, Bath & Bedtime

Our Products

Bath & Bedtime

Babies love to splash around in water. Use our alcohol free moisturizing soap that is gentle on the skin and put your child to bed in our compact baby beds that are soft and come with attached bolsters...

Compact Baby Bed
Toys & Gifts

Just don’t buy any toy for your child. Choose interactive toys wisely that keep children engaged for long hours..

Compact Baby Bed
Grooming & Skincare

A healthy baby is a happy baby. The right kind of grooming and skincare accessories will not only keep your baby neat ...

Grooming & Skincare
Travel Gear

Travel with your little one safely while taking a vacation. Pack all your baby’s essential things neatly in the Mama Bag...

Travel Awesomw

Specially designed socks made out of 70% cotton provides comfort to your little one’s feet. You can also choose from our wide range of sandals and musical shoes.


It is crucial to get the best feeding accessories to ensure a healthy feeding regimen for your baby...



Nutritional Considerations

Nutritional Considerations

Is your baby getting all the essential nutrition to grow normally? You will get to see maximum growth and development of your baby in the first 2-3 yrs of their life. This is the time when your baby should get highly nutritious food.

Delayed Growth and Development

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Developmental milestones

Developmental Milestones

Attending certain developmental milestones is part of the growing process. Recognize the milestones that your child has attained as per their age so that in case of discrepancies, treatment can be opted for in time.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development

Are you sure your child’s cognition development is on the right path? Your child learns to identify and understand things around him or her as they grow old.